Guest Post: Ditch the Mom Guilt

*This post is from my dear friend, Becky Kopitzke. This Mother’s Day, may you embrace your flaws and remember that God has made you fabulous!

 I love my kids. But—I don’t love everything about raising them.momguilt4

“Mommy, will you build a tower with me?” My four-year-old sat on the carpet, surrounded by mega blocks. She looked up at me and grinned with her teeth clenched, pleading. “Please, Mommy?”

“A tower?” I stalled. I’d just settled on the couch with my iPad, investigating chicken recipes for dinner. I kind of wanted to stay there. But, instead, I drew a deep breath and flipped the iPad shut. “Sure, I can help you build a tower.”

Because good moms build towers with their kids. Right? Click here to read more


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