9 Inspiring Books to Read this Year

I recently did something crazy. Last time this happened, I was a teenager. I asked for books for Christmas. LOTS of books. I literally came away from Christmas morning grinning like a nerd, stacks of reading material in hand. Or maybe that’s normal for you. But I haven’t asked or received a book as a gift […]

Simple Meal Planning in 5 Easy Steps

If there’s one question that makes me cringe inside, it’s the one that awaits me at the end of every day. What’s for dinner? Ugh. Another reminder that I forgot to plan. Again. It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. We literally eat every day. So why does the task of putting together a plateful of meals feel like […]

5 Guidelines to Healthy Eating Habits

If you’re still buzzing from sugar overload and feeling the irritable effect of one too many Christmas cookies, welcome to the club. Pants a little tight? Tired and fatigued? Headaches and mental fog? General feeling of yuck? It’s not surprising that the gym is packed by the second day of January. Most of us are […]

Gluten free Russian Tea Cakes (Snowballs)

This recipe has always been a tradition in my family. And now I make them every year, mostly because they were my Dad’s favorite! But this recipe isn’t just popular in my home! This cookie goes by many names: Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Swedish Tea Cakes, Italian Butter Nut, Southern Pecan Butterball, and today’s favorite […]