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When Your Healing Doesn’t Come

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Why You May Be Feeling Disconnected These Days

Lately, interactions with others have felt more like a cold shoulder than a warm hug. Quarantine may be long gone but loneliness hangs around my soul like a morning fog. These last 18 months have been hard on us all. Though we’ve regained a sense of normalcy, it feels like something has shifted at its…

When Your Suffering Feels Meaningless and Unseen

Some seasons in life are so crushing that there simply are no words. Language fails to express the depth of your anguish. In those seasons, it can be difficult to pray. Sometimes all I can do in those moments is weep; and in between my tears cry, “Lord, see”. And that is enough.

67 Reminders When You Feel Like God Doesn’t Care

I’ve been a Jesus-follower long enough to know that the Christian life ain’t all rainbows and sunshine. It’s a journey with mountain top experiences and their valleys below. And in those valleys, the struggle is real. Sometimes in long seasons of suffering, it can feel like God is silent and far away. And you find…

7 Questions to Help You Process and Survive a Crisis

This pandemic getting scary. Many of us are on a roller coaster of emotion as we hear the latest news about loved ones, ICU patients, makeshift morgues, and healthcare workers making life-or-death decisions on the front lines. When this pandemic hit, I was already neck-deep in trauma recovery. For the last twelve months, I’ve been…

When You Feel Forgotten and Unnoticed

The sun peered through the blinds, gently nudging me awake. As I quietly slipped out of bed, fatigue and stiff joints greeted me for the day. Snuggling into a sweatshirt, I routinely followed the smell of percolating coffee. The sun rose slowly over ridges and rooftops, casting a golden glow on all of creation. A…

Why you must lose your leaves this season

  It wasn’t until I moved north that Fall took on a whole new meaning. The charming season now warms a special place in my heart. The very word conjures up memories of apple picking, pumpkin carving, hot cider, and the delicious aroma of Grandma’s pie baking in the oven! Every year I look forward…

Navigating Fear and Uncertainty

Don’t be afraid. Easier said than done. Classified as a mass threat, this pandemic has given us plenty to worry about. And now that…

Navigating Loneliness

Social distancing while being homebound may be a new experience for many. But for us, this quarantine has been more of the same. Every…

Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel

Rachel Boulos is a freelance writer living with the everyday challenges of chronic illness and trauma recovery. She provides a biblical framework and practical tools for believers suffering from chronic physical and psychological pain so that they can experience hope and healing when life hurts. Rachel loves globe-trotting, meeting new people, and will find any excuse for a coffee date.

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