Little Moments of Marriage: 8 ways to stay connected to your spouse


Our relationship has been pelted by many storms. Our vow to remain faithful “in sickness and in health” became a sobering reality when my health suddenly declined and I became all but crippled for a number of months. Many other physical and emotional issues have threatened our sense of stability and intimacy. These experiences forced us to find ways to stay strong and connected in our marriage. As the storms cleared, we saw how God uses the little moments to keep us anchored when we weather the hard times.

A good marriage is not something you automatically start out with on your wedding day. It is something that is carefully and intentionally crafted over time. Change how you handle the little moments each day and you can change your marriage! Your past doesn’t have to predict your future.

A great marriage is the result of a thousand great little moments. Here are a few little things we have found helpful in staying connected through the stormy seasons. Continue reading

3 Tips for the Sneezing Season

Spring is finally here, bringing with it flowers, green grass, sunshine…and hay fever.

Allergies have been a familiar friend foe of mine since birth. My childhood was littered with countless respiratory infections and antibiotics. The repeated offender? I had both severe indoor and outdoor allergies. I mean, just my dust allergy alone tested at a whopping 9,000%. For real. It’s a thing.

Darn you, allergies.

After battling colds all winter long, the last thing you want is more sniffles and runny noses. Continue reading