A Living Hope: rediscover the power of Easter

I caught her gaze and she looked at me. She mustered a smile, but her eyes betrayed her. To others, she looked happy. But I knew better.

Her shoulders hunched from the shame she carried; that nagging guilt that told her she was useless, worthless, and a burden to others. The lines etched in her forehead revealed the anxiety and pain that plagued her on a daily basis. Fear of present and future circumstances hovered over her like a dark cloud.

She looked discouraged. Overwhelmed. Burdened. Weary.

Dejected, I tore my gaze away from the mirror. Continue reading

Christmas: a story of promise

christmas of promiseWith all the holiday jingle and jangle, it’s easy to get distracted by all the trimmings. But I don’t want to miss Christmas this year. I want to focus on what matters.

I want to read the Christmas story with fresh eyes and renewed perspective.

Will you join me?

Because right now, this is a hard season. I feel overwhelmed. My personal life feels out of control. A reminder of loss, of dreams unfulfilled. Continue reading

What the Bunny Can’t Bring this Easter

What the Easter Bunny Can't Bring youI love the Easter Bunny as much as the next kid. In fact, I think I spotted his furry little tail in my yard yesterday. You can bet he’ll be back this weekend, sprinkling our home with color and candy.

But while he may bring us what we want, he won’t bring what we need. The Easter Bunny will leave us as he found us. Unchanged. Destined to face another Monday. Left again to deal with our anxieties and fears with little more than a sugar high.

This Easter I need more than marshmallows, eggs, and chocolate. I need peace for my anxiety. I need purpose in my life. I need strength to face my fears. I need to know I am not alone. To know that my life matters. To know that I am loved, regardless. Continue reading