A Living Hope: rediscover the power of Easter

I caught her gaze and she looked at me. She mustered a smile, but her eyes betrayed her. To others, she looked happy. But I knew better.

Her shoulders hunched from the shame she carried; that nagging guilt that told her she was useless, worthless, and a burden to others. The lines etched in her forehead revealed the anxiety and pain that plagued her on a daily basis. Fear of present and future circumstances hovered over her like a dark cloud.

She looked discouraged. Overwhelmed. Burdened. Weary.

Dejected, I tore my gaze away from the mirror.

Conflicts without, fears within. How long will this battle continue? Because this is no longer just a season.

This has become my life.

When pain becomes the norm, there is a suffering that no one sees. There is a war fought on the front lines of the heart.

Disease. Anxiety. Depression. Self-loathing. Shame. Guilt. Loneliness. Isolation. Exhaustion. Feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. The belief that I am just wasting my life. And lies. Lots and lots of lies, like busyness is better and productivity is what makes me valuable.

The battles are endless. And when it feels like there is no victory, hope fades and weariness takes a toll.

As I begin Easter week, one thing has become abundantly clear.

I have lost sight of the resurrection.

So often we focus on the cross of Christ and His sacrifice for us, as is right. But the cross on its own is incomplete. In fact, it is the resurrection of Jesus, not His death, that is the pinnacle of the Christian faith. The fact that Jesus is alive is what makes the Good News so great.

This Easter, I need Jesus. The living Jesus.

I need living hope and victory here, now, in this present life. I need the life-altering, mind-blowing, game-changing power of the Resurrection.

The resurrection of Jesus wasn’t just a thing of the past. It can radically transform my life right now. But if I want this to happen, I need to:

  • know the truth
  • believe the truth
  • live like it is true

Pain and hardship are much easier to face when the heart is no longer bound by it. For it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Therefore, let us not become entangled again in lies, the slavery of sin and bondage (Gal 5:1). For Jesus is the truth (John 14:6) and when we know the truth, the truth will set us free (John 8:32).

In light of Easter, I want to share the living hope I have rediscovered in that empty tomb. Remembering the resurrection sets me free from the fear, anxiety and shame that darkens my door. Stay tuned this week as we rediscover 5 powerful, living truths about the resurrection of Jesus that bring peace and freedom regardless of circumstances!

Day 1: I am forgiven

Day 2: I am secure

Day 3: I am free

Day 4: I am alive

Day 5: I am fearless

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