52 Acts of Love for Your Valentine

52 acts of love for your valentineI find Valentine’s Day a little heavy on the feminine side. The options are plentiful when it comes to gifts: cards, flowers, chocolate, dinner, jewelry, a massage, a night out…the romantic list is endless. All a guy has to do is pick one. But what about the men? Where is the masculine side of Hallmark when you need it most?

My husband is an amazing gift giver. He can pick up on the smallest cues throughout the year and actually remember them. Then surprise me year after year with his thoughtfulness. Me on the other hand? Horribly uncreative. The week before V-day I’m googling the web for “awesome gift ideas for my husband on valentine’s day”. Lame, I know. Gifts are just not my forte. Neither is acts of service. Go figure I’m married to a man who excels at both.

Can a girl get a witness??

This year I put my brain to work. My husband hears love the loudest when I give up my time to serve him without expecting anything in return. So with this in mind, I combined his love language (acts of service), his desire for more time, and his need for shoulder to shoulder activity and BAM! 52 Acts of Love: a coupon book of 52 promises that he can cash in whenever he wants.

I am happy to announce that I finally nailed it this year. Ok, it was actually at Christmas but whatever. Close enough. He absolutely loved it! He actually said it was the best gift he has ever received. Ever. Big deal, friends!

Now I know this idea isn’t unique. But it’s unique for me. Whether it’s working on a task or doing an activity he enjoys, I am speaking volumes and building intimacy between us. It goes to show that something small and simple combined with selfless sacrifice can make a huge impact.

Whether it’s for a spouse, family member, or friend, this is a simple and creative way to show someone you care. Or maybe you are just looking for some new and different activities to do this year. Either way,  give this a try!

You can easily make it your own or incorporate some of the ideas into your own relationship.

When it comes to love, actions speak louder than words!

52 Ideas


First, I sat down and thought of all the things I could do to show my husband that I care. I thought about things he had mentioned in the past or activities he wanted to try that we never did because I dragged my feet.

Coming up with 52 ways to love your spouse is the hardest part. Which is why I’ve listed many of mine below! Either way, they lend to great date night ideas. Even if you did one a week, you would be speaking love for an entire year! May these examples spark ideas of your own!

  • one breakfast in bed
  • one romantic picnic at the place of your choosing
  • help with one project of your choosing, big or small
  • dessert night for my sweetheart – you pick the treat!
  • 10 minute back rub
  • 10 minute head massage
  • Spa night at home complete with chocolate covered strawberries & glass of wine – to melt those tensions away
  • fun activity just for 2 (your choice)
  • video game night
  • 3 fun appetizers for Game Day
  • Dinner Party with friends hosted by yours truly
  • Game and snack night – your choice of 3 games to play
  • a sleepover for 2 – you pick the movie, I’ll make the popcorn!
  • one night of total TV remote control
  • one workout session together at the gym
  • uninterrupted free time
  • one kiss and make-up session no matter the argument
  • one hour to yourself to do whatever your heart desires
  • spend a snow day inside while your wife shovels the driveway
  • BONUS coupon! you fill in the blank!
  • one big bear hug
  • 10 minutes of uninterrupted listening to whatever you want to talk about
  • you. me. ice skates. sticks.
  • a day free of complaining
  • a tech-free evening
  • watch a TED lecture together
  • build paper airplanes and have a flying contest
  • complete a puzzle together
  • one breakfast trip to the local bakery
  • sledding and hot chocolate with yours truly!
  • a bike ride and ice cream date
  • afternoon tea and book/magazine reading at Barnes & Noble
  • your very own caddy (me) while you impress me with your mad golf skills
  • one slow dance
  • a walk by the lake
  • a chore done of your choice
  • craft night – we each choose our own creative outlet
  • one night of making dinner together by candlelight with bottle of wine & jazz music
  • 24 hours of no arguments! no matter what
  • one game night with friends hosted by yours truly (charades, salad bowl, catch phrase)
  • one project day to tackle your to-do list!

The sky is the limit! Of course I also included some unmentionables as well to keep things interesting 🙂 It is Valentine’s Day, after all. I also repeated some I knew would matter more like help with projects, fun activity of his choice, etc. These combined with a few romantic ones brought my total up to 52 (in case you were counting).

Create Your Own


Next, I went to Office Max and bought this little flip book for cheap. I used some magic scotch tape to make it pretty. I liked this magnetic flip book because he can easily tear off the coupon he wants to cash in each time. I also signed my name on each coupon, viewing it as a promise I plan to fulfill. Or you could sign it the day it gets used.

You can do this however you want. It could be as simple as note cards on a ring. Or pieces of paper in a jar. Or a deck of 52 cards with pretty paper and glue. There are a ton of ideas for DIY coupon books and printable cards you can find online.


Throw in Some Fun

Last but not least, I tucked some gift cards in with the coupons that corresponded. I got a $5 gift card to the local bakery, the ice cream place, etc. I also looked for coupons for some of the outings. It gave an extra element of fun and surprise!


Actions Speak Louder

I’m a words girl, but actions speak louder than words to my husband. Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, try something that will speak volumes to your significant other even if it’s out of your comfort zone! And remember to have fun with it! Life is short. So enjoy the ones God has brought into your life and love them well!

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