9 Inspiring Books to Read this Year

I recently did something crazy. Last time this happened, I was a teenager.

I asked for books for Christmas.

LOTS of books.

I literally came away from Christmas morning grinning like a nerd, stacks of reading material in hand.

Or maybe that’s normal for you. But I haven’t asked or received a book as a gift in over a decade. And that’s because I’ve been a TV-aholic for the last number of years (Downton Abbey? Anyone?).

By mid-2016, my mind had basically turned into a giant pile of goo. Then I made a random trip to the library (they still have those??) and suddenly my childhood came flooding back with warm memories of pressing my nose into crinkled pages late at night.

So last year I began the exciting (and a little painful) process of transforming my TV binging into something more productive like, you know, reading. Not that I don’t watch TV. I’ve been known to binge a show or two or twelve. But I’m reading too, which makes me at least feel like I’m balancing the scales a bit.

Now at the start of the new year, I’m proud to admit that I have read more books in the last 6 months than I have in over 6 years! And I’m not about to stop.

If you’re looking for an inspiring read this year, check these out!

Prepare to be challenged, equipped, and changed by these authors! I’ll be right alongside you. Here’s my reading material for 2017…

Inspiring Reads for Your Year

Running Scared: fear, worry, and the God of rest

I am about halfway through this book and I can’t put it down. If you are a worrier like me, then this book is for you. Edward Welch cuts straight to the heart of anxiety in both a comforting and challenging way, revealing God’s compassion and calling to those with an anxious heart.

The Broken Way: a daring path into the abundant life

I am super excited to start this book by Ann Voskamp! A friend told me she cried through the first chapter. If you have ever felt broken or like your life is a mess, this book is for you. Ann shows us how our brokenness before a loving God is beautiful.

The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: a revolutionary plan for managing IBS and other digestive disorders

Low-FODMAP is a reoccurring term here on my blog. That’s because it’s the ONLY food plan that actually eliminates symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrom) and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). But the reason you may not be familiar with it is because it was discovered at a medical university in Australia and has slowly been making its fame known to the US. If you suffer from mysterious digestive symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, and motility issues that don’t seem to follow a specific food pattern – you MUST give this a try. This book will break down the science for you and give you a plan and recipes to follow. I suffered from symptoms for years but literally became symptom free within 2 weeks of starting this diet. I kid you not! If nothing you’ve tried has helped, the question isn’t why Low-FODMAP but why not?!

Living Forward: a proven plan to stop drifting and get the life you want

If you have never heard of Michael Hyatt, you must check him out! He provides many insightful articles and tips on his blog in areas of productivity, leadership, and personal growth. His new book provides simple steps on how to plan out the best year of your life. I want 2017 to be one of movement and change so I can’t wait to read this one. I know it will not disappoint!

Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek: 4 proven strategies for creating more margin for the things that matter most.

Remember that blog I just mentioned? Right now Michael Hyatt is generously giving away this E-book for free! Do you feel burnt out and exhausted from life? Do you feel like you never have time for the important things? Then you need to read this book. Michael Hyatt teaches us how to create margin in our life so that we can have time for the things that matter.

Your Powerful Prayers: reaching the heart of God with a bold and humble faith

I just love Susie Larson. I had the privilege of having dinner with her once and she is as genuine and transparent in person as she is in her writing. When you read her book, it’s like you’re having a conversation with a familiar friend over a cup of coffee. If you want to dramatically change your prayer life this year, join me in reading this book!

Shame Interrupted: how God lifts the pain of worthlessness and rejection

I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this book. Every book I’ve read by Edward Welch is life-changing. If you struggle with feeling like you are worthless, not good enough, or a failure then you must read this! Shame (along with fear) are at the core of many of our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. I have no doubt I will be profoundly challenged and changed by the end of this book.

Is this the End? Signs of God’s Providence in a Disturbing New World

In a culture saturated with zombies, aliens, and apocalyptic scenarios, many are becoming interested in the end times. This one is on my “just for fun” reading list. The world ain’t getting any better, and I’m curious how the international events we’re seeing right now may be setting the stage for the final chapter of God’s plan as seen in the book of Revelation. Dr. David Jeremiah is a conservative Evangelical Christian who is theologically sound, teaches biblical truths, and is a trusted speaker at many seminaries around the country.

Isaiah: The New American Bible Commentary

I’m devoting 2017 to studying the Biblical book of Isaiah. Next to Psalms, it is my all-time favorite book. When studying the Bible, it always helps to have a commentary by your side that can explain the cultural, historical and theological meaning of the text. Over the holidays, I discovered The New American Bible Commentaries and they are by far the best commentary series I have seen. They provide great historical and theological depth in a way that anyone can understand it and are only $20-30 a piece. You can purchase them individually online or at a local Christian bookstore.

Well there you have it! My reading list for 2017. Hopefully these have inspired a few ideas for you as well.

What’s on your reading list this year?

Please comment and share below other books you’ve found to be life-changing!

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