Do you worry about your future?

When you think about the future, what emotions bubble to the surface?

I’m pretty sure all my thoughts about the future have resulted in permanent worry lines etched across my forehead. On most occasions the unknown creates anxiety, concern, stress and a host of pleading prayers. Flashes of what could happen combined with a gazillion what if questions flood my mind and threaten to sweep my emotions away with them.

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future…Proverbs 31:25

Enter, Proverbs 31 woman. She fascinates me, mostly because of this verse. You can bet this woman has seen her fair share of hardship, disease, war and death. But when it comes to the future and her unknowns, she smiles. She can laugh, untroubled. Her brow does not stay furrowed over what may or may not come.

How is she able to do this? We get a sneak peek at the answer only a few verses later:

A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30

A woman who fears the Lord can smile at her future, regardless of what may come. Why? Because her confidence is in God, not in her situation. She relies on Someone who is greater than her circumstances, sovereign over her future, and who knows every variable and every unknown.

It is this woman’s steadfast trust in God that makes her a faith-full person instead of a fearful one. She both knows who her God is and has experienced enough to know that she can trust His leadership. When she feels unsafe, He is her refuge. Any time she feels unsure, He is sure. She doesn’t worry if she can handle the future because she knows He is already handling it.

The phrase, “she shall be praised” can also be translated “she shall shine”.  When you trust the Lord more than you fear what may come, you become a living witness to others of God’s power and presence. You become a shining light in our increasingly dark world. When you can smile at the future instead of worry, it causes others to sit up and take notice. That kind of peace and strength is unnatural and can only come from God.

Will you be a faith-full person or a fearful one?

Are you willing to let go of your desire to control the outcome? Will you trust in God’s leadership instead? Will you rest knowing that He’s got your back and is taking care of everything you need?

Will you trade in your worry lines for smiling ones?

Choose to trust God today more than you fear tomorrow. Seek His presence and rest in His promises. Take heart, knowing that He is with you today and will be there for you tomorrow.

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